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This article is from No.15 issue of Pu-erh Teapot Magazine. I am glad to have their generous permission to translate their articles and share with you.

The title is "Yunnan Big-Leaf Tree Shai-Chin Mao Cha - the difference between the traditional method and the modern method". This is the first article in a series; the next one will discuss the modern machine process.

Please click the following links to enjoy the article. I will keep updating the translation of it. If you find any typo/grammar error, please feel free to let me know. I sincerely appreciate your help : )

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

The article points out at least two very important things:
(1) The kill-green is the most important step during the whole process. A properly done kill-green step should result in a clean and high clarity liquor. The aroma should be without grassy, sour, or any unpleasant smell.
(2) In the traditional shai-chin method, the highest temperature the leaves are ever exposed to is during the stir-frying kill-green step. The wok is first preheated to 100 degC. The kill-green step is done in 70~80 degC. The mild processing temperature of the traditional method preserves most of the leaves' bio-activity, hence the potential for aging.

Page 4 has several interesting pictures showing mao cha from 4 different regions.

Enjoy the article! I look forward to your comment/discussion.

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April 2006 Newsletter

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January 2006 Newsletter

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This is an article we wrote a while ago. You can find good information as what are JinXuan, Jade, Si Ji, and Chin-Shin oolong!

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